Telecom Overview

Once considered only for businesses, digital phones systems have become a common part of modern living. Homeowners that desire more telephone lines, extensions, paging, intercom and voicemail find the solution in digital telephone systems.

A home telephone system is not all that different than a business system. Both treat phone locations as extensions, providing multiple line access, allowing phone calls to be transferred from one area to another, a call to be placed on hold, or intercom between areas. Home systems add other convenient features like Caller ID, door communication, gate or door release, whole house paging and cordless telephones.

Telephone systems are completely programmable. Incoming lines can be programmed to ring only in certain areas at specified times. Outgoing access can be limited to specific time windows as well. It is possible, for example, to have your office line ring in the office and kitchen, while the home line rings everywhere. Your children's extensions can be programmed not to ring after 9:00 pm and not to allow them to make a call after 10:00 pm.

When we install music systems from Elan, the sound can be muted when the doorbell or telephone rings. Additional paging can be done using the music speakers throughout the house.

Telephone systems are a true modern alternative to the wall mounted intercoms of yesterday.